Welcome to the UCSF Center for Advanced 3D+ Technologies!

Experts from across the University of California San Francisco have gathered around the idea of using advanced visualization and manufacturing technologies to fundamentally change the way we practice medicine at UCSF. The UCSF Center for Advanced 3D+ (CA3D+) uses the latest 3D technologies for clinical care, research, education, and counseling.

CA3D+ is a service utilized by multiple specialties for the most complex and high-risk cases at UCSF. We have conducted innovative research to investigate game-changing applications of these technologies in the biomedical sciences. We have published original articles and given national and international lectures to disseminate knowledge in this field. We have trained multiple medical specialists, exposing the next generation to cutting-edge technologies, giving them tools to further their own knowledge and develop further innovations. We have counseled caregivers and patients, enabling them to hold replicas of their own anatomy and facilitating better medical decisions. Finally, when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, we locked arms with the rest of the UCSF community and asked, “How can we help?” To this end, we pivoted rapidly to provide personal protective equipment and other solutions in our collective fight against the pandemic.



Shafkat Anwar, MD

CA3D+ Medical Director




Michael Bunker, MSE

CA3D+ Engineer


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